Summer Arabic Program 2018

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**This page is in the process of being updated for the Summer 2018 session.
Updates will be complete by the end of November, 2017.**
Complete an entire year of Arabic study in ten weeks. At the University of Minnesota, you will find highly qualified instructors with experience teaching intensive language and immersion classes; small class sizes allowing for a focus on every individual student; and an interactive learning environment with proven success in the development of proficiency in speaking, listening, writing and reading. Our language classes are supported by dedicated tutors and an enriching cultural program. 

Intensive Beginner Arabic – ARAB 1101-1102

Intensive Intermediate Arabic – ARAB 3101-3102

Mondays through Fridays, 9:05 am – 12:05 pm (10 credits for 10 weeks)

Who Will Be My Instructor? 
Our summer courses are taught by our regular, full-time teaching staff, all of whom have extensive experience in the field of Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language. Our areas of expertise include Arabic linguistics, Arabic literature and poetry, Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, and translation theory and practice. Our Arabic instructors go the extra mile to make themselves available to students for extra help after class, and participate in our cultural events. Find more about us here
Extra-Curricular Activities
The Arabic Program maintains a vibrant schedule of cultural programming throughout the academic year and in summer. Our cultural events are open to our Arabic students and the general public. At our weekly Arabic conversation table, students of all levels can practice conversation in fusha (Standard Arabic) as well as Arabic dialects. In addition, our extra-curricular events for summer include: 
  • bi-weekly Arabic film screenings
  • Arabic board game and TV nights
  • dialect workshops
Arabic Drama Workshop
Love acting? Costumes? Theater? In this free-of-charge experiential learning project, participants are coached in the production of the play Majlis al-'Adl (The Council of Justice), by Egyptian playwright Tawfiq al-Hakim. Arabic speakers and students of all levels are invited to take on acting and non-acting roles, and you do not need to be enrolled in our summer Arabic courses to get involved. The play, which is directed by Dr. Hossam Elsherbiny, will be performed on Monday, August 21 at 7:00 pm in the Kilburn Arena Theater on campus (Rarig Center, 2nd floor). Entrance is free and open to the public; no tickets required. Doors open at 6:30 pm. 
What Are Our Students Saying? 
"To me, the Summer Arabic program was a healthy catalyst for growth and a necessity for rapid maturity. Though such a focused program is certainly no light commitment and perseverance is required, the benefits of completing it surely exceed the effort spent."
- David Munson (Political Science Major)
Have Questions? 
Email Dr. Katrien Vanpee with inquiries about our summer courses and/or to receive updates about our cultural programming at or call (612) 624 0580. 

“At the UMN Summer Arabic Program, we inspire each of our students to dive deep into the fascinating world of Arabic language & culture, and our interactive, communicative approach enables our students to feel confident with the language and progress rapidly through their studies.”

- Hossam Elsherbiny, Lecturer in Arabic